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Friday, April 27, 2012

Slippers and Donuts and Aluminum Poles

I went to bed with a headache last night, which is unusual because I'm not the headache type. Today I'm thinking the pain in my head was actually dreams trying to get out. And they succeeded. 

One dream was that I adopted a baby boy, a rolly-poly thing with bright green eyes. He was about six months old and at one point he walked across the room wearing pink slippers, announcing loudly "Pink is my favorite color!"

My brain segued into what I like to call my meeting management dreams, aka stress dreams. It was time for the local art show, which I'm currently organizing, and my house began to fill with friends I haven't seen in a long time, one of whom arrived with two fat kittens and a dog. My home was transformed into an animal menagerie, and just when the toilet in the laundry room tipped over (I don't have a toilet in my laundry room) the local diner owner arrived with 8 large frosting-covered donuts to contribute to the art show. She advised, "Sell them for five dollars apiece!" and then marched off. As I watched her vanish through the back fence, it began to snow. In June. 

Finally, just before I woke up, my dream transported me to Long Island where I was sitting in my SUV. A man approached the driver's side and asked me to open the door, told me he thought I was driving his car. I rolled down the window and told him this was my car, at which point he shoved a long aluminum pole through the window into my chest and growled "Give me all your money mother#@*%$#!" Then my eyes popped open to see a small fuzzy dog staring at me, whining to go outside.

My headache is gone, it remains gloomy outside, and tonight I take some aspirin...and maybe a sleeping pill.

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I. Wonder said...

Sign me up for a donut. Even if it snows. Harry and the kid and I will split it three ways.

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