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Monday, September 17, 2012

Royally Nekked

There's been all sorts of hullabaloo this week about European magazines releasing photos of a topless Kate Middleton, newest member of the royal family. Kate and her husband, Prince William, were apparently on vacation at a private residence in France and were zoomed in on by paparazzi with a long lens. "News" outlets are chattering (I put "news" in quotes because, seriously, is this really news??), Buckingham Palace is angry that the photos were released, and the French are shrugging whatever and pointing fingers at countries that think being naked is a bad thing while talk show hosts are tsk-tsking about a lack of privacy in today's world and making comparisons between Kate and the unfortunate Diana, who came to a bad end while pursued by photographers in a Paris tunnel.  

To those who are chirping about a lack of privacy, have you been under a rock for the past ten years? People can now take pictures -- and videos -- on a gadget they carry around in their pockets. Facebook lets us know when others are going to the store, to the doctor, to the bathroom. Kids are in perpetual communication via texting. Somebody's dog barks and they put it on Youtube. There are sixty dozen "entertainment" programs on TV that let us know every move every celebrity makes, complete with quotes, photos, film, and comments from anybody with fingers and a keyboard. The entire world has become a small town beauty salon where everybody knows what everybody else is doing every minute of the day. Gossip is our god.

So to Kate and the chagrined Brits...come on, folks: take a reality check. If you're a public figure (which you most certainly are, Princess), topless sunbathing in private or not is a risk. That you're shocked by a photographer with Star Trek-worthy equipment is naive and ridiculous. You signed on for this life when you got married, and as long as there are media outlets paying for celebrity images, you're a target. And here's a tip: there's nothing easier than preventing your naked self from being in the public eye...keep your royal clothes on.


Xcess said...

1.The controversy sells more copy than the pictures.
2. She looks better with her clothes on.
3. ARDrone, remote controlled aerial hovercraft with HD video camera. ($300)

Bob G. said...

If only the trashy magazines would stop paying for the photos. Then we could get some real news.

Kelly Fried said...

Well said, indeed!

Anonymous said...

But the trashy magazines are making a lot of money selling the photos of trashy people to other trashy people! Why are WE discussing it? Because WE heard about it on the trash news. There is real news out there Bob. The tabloids haven't cornered the paper market. The problem is that the MAINSTREAM=TRASH. The talking heads will give you the news that gets the most views. "Back to Brian Williams with more somber tones about Kate's titties."

Rose 10e said...

Just imagine the nonsense that will ensue once she finally gets pregnant. I feel sorry for her in a way; no amount of money or notoriety is worth the loss of privacy. Best way to help protect Kate & Wills from intrusive media? Don't buy the tabs etc.

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